Nintendo Game & Watch Mario Bros Review

Back in the days when gaming was not as complex as it was nowadays, it was still extremely exhilarating and dazzling in all aspects. Before the high-end gaming consoles were the handheld gaming devices such as Game & Watch, Gameboy and other Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the most nostalgic, classic and extremely renowned games in the gaming industry that fits right into the aspects aforementioned is without a doubt, Super Mario Bros. It is not even an understatement to call this game a legend as it brought forth storms throughout the globe in its wake and even nowadays, you'd still occasionally find people who are indulging themselves on this kind of game. We are here to give you a more comprehensive Super Mario Bros Review in order for you to learn more about this legendary game where innovative games started.


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Super Mario Bros Overview

When the year 1985 hit, the gaming industry reached a milestone that turned out to be one that signified a great, revolutionary improvement - the Nintendo Entertainment System. Along with this gaming console, came the pixel-perfect Super Mario Bros game and this form of packaging games along with the console have become a trailblazer on its own category as well. Of course, the rise of this game made the 2D platformer games incredibly popular throughout the globe to the point where at that time, you'll see plenty of popular Game & Watch games and more, which are mirrored yet not duplicated from what the Super Mario Bros render to its players.

The game was truly an eye-opener and later on, when the game reached the limelight and become a raging fire of the gaming industry, it has also been adapted to other consoles, one of which is the Gameboy Advance version. However, problems arose from this transition, leading to the result of it not being that much of a huge hit in this console. Later on though, despite the graphical discrepancies and problems on the Gameboy version, it became less evident and packed with the game's outstanding music, features and gameplay, it has also made its way to stardom in this console. All in all, with the game's reputation as the first mark of Nintendo in the gaming industry, the game has been recorded as the undisputed best-selling video game and this record pertains to the Guinness Book of World Record. Mario, the stout and rotund plumber has become an icon of Nintendo and later on, the whole gaming industry.


The way to play Super Mario Bros, needless to say, is extremely simple and easy. Even if it's your first time around in the game, it'll surely be a cinch for you to learn about its world, its controls and how you could enjoy it.

The game itself has 8 challenging and outstanding worlds that you need to beat but of course, on later adaptations, versions and improvements on the game, more astounding features have been added. Going back to the original iconic 2D-platformer game, the transition within the stage is extremely smooth and with such a seamless experience, it is not surprising why the game is viewed with critical acclaims and positive responses.

Despite the game having simple controls which include running along with jumping, it still provides enormously satisfying and fun experience. On the console, simply pressing B would allow you to let Mario run and with a press of the A button, you'll see the stout plumber jump. Through this simple controls, you are expected to save the day or rather, the Princes who was kidnapped by the iconic villain of the game, Bowser. Throughout the stages of the game, you'll face treacherous trials in the form of Bowser's minions and the tricky world of Mario.

The power-ups in the game only numbers in two, which refers to the mushroom and the fire flower. The former provides Mario with a more robust, taller stature while on the other hand, the latter would give Mario the power to fire projectiles on your enemies.

All in all, the game is truly a satisfying game and despite the growing amount of games in the industry, its nostalgic beauty is something that would always remain outstandingly beautiful to the point where you'll still want to play it over and over again amidst the numerous cutting-edge games today.