Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong Review

There are numerous arcade games which made its way to the gaming industry throughout the years but not too many have managed to create inundating ripples and mark that would last in the industry for years. Donkey Kong is one such game, which has successfully rendered a massive impact in the gaming industry along with other iconic and legendary classics. It met its advent on 1981 but years and even decades from its rise, it still has the same flare and grit as it had before. With such an enormous image and reputation in the industry, it is not shocking that you would want to experience a piece of this pie but, with its many versions, what should you try? We recommend you to look into our Donkey Kong review, which would tackle one of the more brilliant versions of the game, packed in the handheld console, the Game & Watch.


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Controls and Gameplay

There's little to no doubt that Donkey Kong in the original Game & Watch games is one of the most influential and massive game in this category. Despite being a simple 2D-platformer game which involves simple jumping and avoiding obstacles, the thrill and exhilarating experience it provides is something that cannot be denied. The game and watch version of the game, compared to its predecessors, is a game with more flair and more exciting features for you to enjoy.

It has a more comprehensive control than before because now, you could utilize four different controls which even includes a simple click of a button for jumping. In the game, you're going to be in control of Mario and of course, Donkey Kong is the big ape who captured the princess and you have to save her from the hands of this giant beast. In the game, you'll be introduced to 2 screens with Donkey Kong and the princess at the top while you'll start at the bottom.

With your goal to save the princess, it is evident what you have to do - climb up the platforms. However, simple as it may be, you would have to utilize your skills in the game in order to dodge the barrels thrown by Donkey Kong, all while making sure that you'll be able to make full use of the different features in the game like the ladders, the crane and more. Of course, though, there are basic things that you would have to find out for yourself while playing the game such as the fact that you can't jump over barrels if there's a girder above your head, the increasing speed of the barrels and more. If you manage to get a miss though by failing to overcome the hurdles, you would have to bear with it and start all over again, making this a thrilling and challenging game to play.


The game amazingly provides two different modes for the game which makes it more of a pleasant experience for those who would love to buy it. Although it only comes in two modes, they are more than enough for you to have both a relaxing time or a tiptop challenging experience. The Game A version of the game is something that's made for those who are only starting out with the game or in other terms, beginners. If you think that you could deal with more excitement and difficulty, you could up you game by shifting to the game B which would of course, introduce you to faster and more difficult obstacles and trials to save the princess.

The Device, Visuals and Music

The device comes in a robust yet simple orange color. To fulfill the game's features, it involves dual screens, with model number, DK-52. In terms of Visuals and Music, what's surprising is the fact that the game has marvellously portrayed the original version of Donkey Kong. The music and the graphical setup of the game would surely remind you of the pixel-perfect beauty of the game as everything's spot-on from top to bottom.


Although it's far from being a groundbreaker in our current gaming industry, this nostalgic game is undisputedly one of the trailblazers of the industry and something that any gaming enthusiast would find incredibly rare, fun and addictive to play with.