Best Game & Watch Games and Collections

The excitement of handheld gaming all started with the release of Nintendo's Game & Watch and with some great vintage games offered, players today are still collecting these games and enjoying retro style play. Over the years, there were many different game collections and many of the rare Game & Watch titles are still sought after by collectors around the world. Here, we take a look at some of the best-selling games that were created and discuss the popular titles that were created on Game & Watch devices.

Best-Selling Game & Watch Games

In the early 1980s, video games were becoming very popular and Nintendo wanted to keep up with other developers to draw the attention of gamers. With the handheld Game & Watch device, players could take their games anywhere and always enjoy the action. Nintendo developed 60 Game & Watch titles that were very popular with players globally and there were some game titles that stood out. The best Nintendo Game & Watch games went on to be re-released in later years and even enjoyed on newer Nintendo devices as they were introduced.

Fire was a Silver Series Game & Watch game that became very popular and it offered gameplay that was replicated with many titles that followed. The game required players to switch between different positions quickly for fast action gaming. Fire was one of the best-selling Game & Watch titles. Another successful game release was the vintage Mario's Cement Factory, a game where players could enjoy the action of the beloved Mario character. This game was played on a single screen but allowed players to move Mario easily to man the cement factory. This game offered more player controls and was a huge seller for Nintendo.

All of the game titles that were released for the Game & Watch were very successful, but perhaps the best Nintendo Game & Watch game was Donkey Kong, a game that not only offered intense action but also brought about the D-pad control which is now used on many handheld devices today. This was one of the first mega-hits for Nintendo and the game offered two screens of action. The development of the D-pad changed how players controlled the game and allowed for the easy movement of Donkey Kong, allowing side to side moves, jumps and more. When it comes to vintage arcade games are you a pro? If so, there's a good chance you are going to love the thrill of blackjack. At theblackjackexpert you can learn about some of the most exciting and competitive blackjack games that may interest you. Here you can also find several no deposit bonus codes for blackjack. With these, you can begin playing right away without having to spend a dime.

Hard to Find Vintage Games

Since these handheld games were released so many years ago, they can be difficult to find for those that are looking to complete a collection. However, the best Nintendo Game & Watch games can be found online or at local flea markets for decent prices. The more popular game titles are easily available, but for players who are seeking vintage retro games, there may be a high price tag attached. Nintendo Game & Watch games were a significant part of Nintendo's history and they were successful units that changed how players enjoyed gaming on a handheld device. Especially now that we have pretty powerful smartphones, virtually any game can be played on the palm of your hand. You can find tons of classic games at where you can choose from the best gaming establishments that host an ocean of classic and retro games you can play any time you want.

There are just 60 game titles that have been released with the Game & Watch series and some of them are quite rare and hard to find. These include Balloon Fight Crystal Screen, Climber Widescreen, Donkey Kong Circus Panorama, Egg Widescreen, Flagman Silver, Mario the Juggler and Mickey Mouse Panorama. These game titles are definitely collectables and can be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars based on their condition and whether they are still boxed. Play the most exciting retro games, as well as many other casino games on This is a legitimate French online casino site that offers its players a huge library of games to choose from.

Why Players Still Love Retro Game & Watch Games

Vintage and retro style video games have become very popular for many players, especially those that are older in age. While gaming has come a long way since these first Nintendo Game & Watch devices were offered, players are looking to experience something from their past, as a way to relive childhood moments and enjoy things from years ago. Many gamers who were young when Game & Watch was popular will now appreciate the simplicity of the games and the retro feel, making these vintage games quite popular and best-sellers for collectors. Many young gamers are also interested in retro devices as a way to check out how their parents played video games.

The nostalgia associated with owning and playing vintage games is one of the main reasons many are still seeking the best Nintendo Game & Watch games that were released. While these are not as complex or advanced as today's games, they are still enjoyable for many and provide a way to go back to a time when video gaming was just starting to shape the world.