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Ref 42
Game c9.9
Box c9.9
Foam c9.9
Manual c9.9
Language English
Working? Yes
Battery cover Original
Batteries Original
Status Sold
Serial No.
of Game Unit
Other papers Pink Caution Slip, Battery Stickers
Comments The seller (Ian) wrote to me:

Hi Jon,
Thank you for the payment for Octopus,
I'll get it out to you by special delivery tomorrow, The box will be so well
packed that you could hit it with a cruise missile and it would survive.
I actually remember selling these when I used to own a computer games shop
in the eighties, they used to sell for £19.99.
When I saw similar ones in a collectors book I went back to the warehouse
where I used to get them from and behind a old box of radios was the box of
nintendo games ... 26 asst in all. I haggled and got them for next to
It's a one off find, I was very lucky

Comment from Jon: He had 8 Egg games (NIB), 6 x Chef, 6 x Tropical Fish and 6 x Octopus.

Now that's what I call lucky!!! Still makes my head spin. :-)

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